Close To Home

by This Existence

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Mitch Rowe
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Mitch Rowe Fuckin' sik breakdowns boi. Favorite track: Dirty Stories.
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This Existence debut EP 'Close To Home'.

Available for free download now!


released April 9, 2014



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This Existence Perth, Australia

Having released their debut EP, 'Close To Home' (recorded at FatPig Studios), This Existence have made a firm mark on their presence, already sharing the stage with the likes of The Acacia Strain, Obey The Brave, Being As An Ocean, Deez Nuts, Confession, Saviour and Gidian (to name a few).

Currently in the progress of writing a debut full length, This Existence are a band to definitely check out!
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Track Name: Fissure
The world around me is full of fucking liars
You'd never even fucking know
Pick it up now
Ask me a question
Do you look to the sky
I'll tell you
I dont believe in him, I believe in me
Always chasing something new
But never knowing why
Could this all be just in my head
The pictures fading, now it's dead
This is not my calling
I wont bow down to this
Even if it kills me
I will rise above this
So lets take this back for us
Leave it all behind and let it go
You'll give it, we'll take it
I'd like to see you even try to break me down
I believe in me
Track Name: Payday
I dont care anymore
From now i'm here for a good time
Nothing more
These city lights are beautiful
So take a blinded walk with me
And we'll stay forever
Love in my heart
And friends at my back
If you got something to say
We'll send it right back
Fuck it all, take a chance
Live it up, life's a dance and nothing's certain
Just love your friends
And love your family
I promise you'll be happy
I measure strength with the wealth of my friends
Searching hard to find a better version of myself
Cant you see you're looking down
As i see your face again
You better change your way before you come crashing down
I dont care anymore
If you want i can show you the world
These city lights are beautiful
So take a blinded walk with me
And we'll stay forever
Dont think too quickly
I know just how fragile you can really be
Forever hanging on the judgement of others
So take a blinded walk and discover what's real
Track Name: Dirty Stories
Wake up
Just like you're told to do
Cause in and out everyday it is all the same
Walk down
There's nothing you can prove
Cause in and out everyday it is all the same
It's all the same
We've misplaced the fortune of the little things
Being free is a concept so rare today
Such a shame to let it all go to waste
From a child to a slave, who'd create such a place?
This worlds a bitch sometimes
Always bringing you down
When you're on your knees
And out of luck
The only thing to do is rise so get the fuck up
Get the fuck up
Get off your knees
Get Up
Is there a reason why
We're all haunted by this face
Can someone tell me
Why we're trapped here in this place
There's no easy way out
It's very simple and clear
Cause there's only your mind
And the concept of fear
Your existence is just a big game
Nobody will remember your name
Track Name: Lanterns
We're always searching
For something humble
Lantern take me home
And please don't let me stumble
Voices on the wind
Tell me not to stay
Run like the wolf
Keep the world at bay
Never looking back and never give as second thought
Stop waiting for something to happen
Take a chance of you'll just wither away
We're all dreamers in this world without vision
It's a brand new day
I scream liar at the sky
And argue falsely with the sea
I see more of myself in you
That you will ever see in me
We're trying hard to be better
Struggling to find our way
In a world so cold a bitter
Striving hard to see the light
And i know that things are tight
As you reach for greater heights
But i know that you will fight
Cause your lantern shines so bright
My lantern shines so bright
That even in the darkest world
The day absorbs the night
Are we hopeless
Or are we all searching for something new
Track Name: Reuben
In the beginning
You were unstoppable
They picked you up, you put them down
But now i cannot hear a sound
Maybe i'll see you someday
But until then, I hope that you're okay
Because i loved you
And i miss you everyday
Open your eyes and see how much you mean to me
You were fearless
Like a man with nothing left
Like a man whose lost it all
With his back be straight to the wall
I hope someday
That you'll find your way home
And know you're not alone
You were never alone with me
Never alone
So don't you dare try to say
That nobody was there
Cause i was right fucking here
With a moment to spare
And now you're gone
Just like that
You're on your fucking own
I hope you are happy
With your new friend
I hope he's still standing when you meet your end
I just wish you'd see that he will never be as real as me
Im standing here now
Without you by my side
I see your ghost just past me by
Too torn apart to run and hide
Cause i've lost a friend
A friend I wont get back
And now i'm counting down the days
Until I see your face again
You had a choice
But didn't realise that you had so much more